Quality Policy

1. Technical Know-How:

We have been in this market since 30 years and we know these products in and out, so in order to make a right decision and be rest assured about the quality, we are your best choice.

2. Super Fast Response:

Our sales team has an excellent record of responding to client queries or questions in 2 working hours.

3. 100% Genuine Commitment:

At RSC, we believe in committing what we can fulfill, we will not give you false hopes, because we believe that losing an order is affordable than losing a customer.

4. Full Traceability:

Our products come with full traceability, right from raw material stage to finish good stage. Thus you be stress-free about the quality, once you choose us over other Indian Suppliers.


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Rajendra Steel Supply a variety of pipes and tubes from high grade steel. Pipes and tubes are of good quality, long durability and corrosion resistance.

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