Rajendra Steel Centre is dedicated to supplying our customers with high-quality, on-time, and value-added products for challenging applications. We do this by cultivating a corporate culture that values employee input and views continuous development as a way of life. Every employee at Rajendra Steel Centre is responsible for ensuring customer loyalty. Our customers are aware that Rajendra Steel Centre’s primary goal is quality.
Quality Objectives


Technical Know-How

We have been in this market since 30 years and we know these products in and out, so in order to make a right decision and be rest assured about the quality, we are your best choice.


Super Fast Response

Our sales team has an excellent record of responding to client queries or questions in 2 working hours.


100% Genuine Commitment

At RSC, we believe in committing what we can fulfill, we will not give you false hopes, because we believe that losing an order is affordable than losing a customer.


Full Traceability

Our products come with full traceability, right from raw material stage to finish good stage. Thus you be stress-free about the quality, once you choose us over other Indian Suppliers.